TreeHouse Ziplines

Arts & Crafts

Summer Arts & Crafts Activitrees & Extree Classes!

Most of these classes involve a small fee for the instructor and materials, so cost of materials not included. Due to availability of our artisans that lead the classes, not each and every extree class is available each and every day through our season. Please check with us for what's going on when you will be in our neck of the woods.

Arts & Crafts

Our guest artists share hands on experience with their field of expertise, please check with us for what's going on when you will be in our neck of the woods. $25 per two person minimum class.


Tie Dying

Brighten both your day and your wardrobe with a tie dye t-shirt!  $25 per person with a 2 person minimum.  Classes are available daily at 11am.

Tile Mosaic Making

The Mysterious Miguelo specializes in mosaic design and loves to teach it, two person minimum, $25.00 per person a class.

You are welcome to please call us at (541) 592-2208

Let us know which classes you have the most interest and we'll do our best to have a session open while you're visiting. Results are always best when you talk to us!

TreeHouse Institute Courses

Out'n'About Treehouse Institute of Takilma Courses

At the Treehouse Institute of Takilma, we offer several courses for our Treemusketeers. Like most institutions of higher learning, we offer both core and elective (extree) classes. Unlike most institutions, our elective classes are geared totally to the individuals' desires.

We do not dictate curriculum, we allow each student the opportunity to help create curriculum. We do, however, expect each Treemusketeer student to either have an un-abiding interest in treehouses and treeminology or pursue one of our alltreenut majors.

Our focus is upon song, dance & laughter, primarily laughter!
A happy student is a joy to teach. We enjoy teaching.
We expect students to enjoy the learning process.


A treemendously elementree course that gives students completree new grasp on branched out etreemology.

Treeology I»
Basic engineering, design and construction methods. Ask Michael Questions.

Treeology II»
Manipulating matter en facto and friction (i.e. "Juggling with No Hands"). Learning to build a proper tree house is easily compared to what it takes to get them approved by the government, learn some of the tricks.

Treehouse Construction 301»
Additional, more advanced, classes available for additional fees. Must have studied Construction Page and looked at how all the treehouses here have been built before applying.

Treehouse Workshop»
Every October on Columbus Day weekend Out'n'About plays host to the World Treehouse Association's annual Convention. The weekend is dedicated to workshops on the latest techniques in treehouse construction.

Ethereally Serialling»
Learn to see with your eyes closed. Assume some Fantasy Flakes after breakfast. You must see 'em to believe 'em!

At the Treehouse Institute of Takilma each Treemusketeer student will be expected to complete at least one of our Tree Core Specialtree courses or an alltreenut major class per day, as available. Formal core classes begin after breakfast with a generous portion of Fantasy Flakes, but nothing is required if you want to jest flake & hang out.



Specialtree Activitree Classes»

Horseback & Pony Rides


Zips Course

Tree Climbing

Special Note: These classes are fun but can be serious, and do require a fair amount of risk taking. You must pay attention to the instructors and do what they say at all times please! We endeavor to look out for your best interests of course, but ask you to sign a release for any of our inherently risky activitrees.




Forest Ecology» Siskiyou Forest Ecosystems Explore the wild and scenic Siskiyou Mountains and meet some of our internationally acclaimed beauty through local experts.

Arts & Crafts: Click here to view full activitrees.

$ Tile Mosaic Making» The Mysterious Miguelo specializes in mosaic design and loves to teach it, two person minimum, $25.00 per person a class.

$ Tie Dying» Brighten both your day and your wardrobe... tie dye your treeshirt, or just about anything else that will take dye, or seperately try your hand at felting with the same instructor. $25 per two person minimum class.

Note: Other Artists occasionally have guest artisans share hands on experience with their field of expertise, please check with us for what's going on when you will be in our neck of the woods. Due to availability of our artisans that lead the classes, not each and every extree class is available each and every day through our season. Please list the classes in which you have the most interest from the list that follows and we'll do our best to have a session open while you're visiting. Results are always best when you talk to us!


$ Massage Theraptree» Let our licensed treessage therapist soothe your aching muscles at the end of a busy day using Swedish massage techniques and treeflexology:
$65 for 60 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $90 for 90 minutes, prices subject to change with available masseuse.

$ Tree climbing» Learn alltreenut techniques for entering and leaving treehouses and trees, subject to availability of instructor, prices vary.

* Hiking» We have hundreds of miles of mountain trails all around us. Or strike out on your own with one of our maps.

* Stairarobics» Use our plethora of stairs for extra cardio workouts!

Make sure to check out our Activitrees for all physical activities.


* Water hydraulics» Learn why water "goes down hill" and how to make it do so.

* Secrets of s'mores» Learn how to make the "perfect" s'more... whether you prefer it golden brown or crispy crittered.

* Intro to gardening» (a.k.a. weeding): Learn to identify common garden weeds and eradicate them efficiently.

* Manure 101 (identification)» Learn to tell the different scat from many sources available all around us.

* Manure 202 (collection)» Learn the proper technique for lifting, transporting and dumping this valuable commodity.

* Manure 303 (spreading)» Practice our fun way of distributing nature's recycled bounty.

* Manure 404 (composting)» Advanced students may be shown how to combine various forms or organic matter in order to produce the richest soil possible.


Map reading» Learn to find your way into... and out of the woods. Or better yet, home.

* Campfire safety» How to build a story telling venue without burning down the Treesort... or the forest.*

* Indicates classes offered at no charge.
$= Most Extree classes, especially crafts, involve a small fee for the instructor and materials as indicated by the $ (dollar sign), so cost of materials not included.


Everyone is invited to participate in our activitrees even if not staying overnight
or more at our place, but PLEASE call ahead so we can better serve your needs!





World Treehouse Conference  2019 - October 4th, 5th and 6th with a pre-conference day on the 3rd.

Video tutorials from 2014 conference available: part 1, part 2 and part 3

The World Treehouse Conference (WTC) for 2019 is scheduled for the first weekend in October, the 4th, 5th and 6th with a pre-conference day held on the 3rd.  This gathering is, once again, a spirited revival and expansion of the World Treehouse Association(WTA) and the Global Treehouse Symposium(GTS), which all began in 1997 at the Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort in Takilma, OR.

Already sure you want to sign up? Click HERE for our registration form.

Come for the pre-conference special on the 3rd!

Please complete and submit the form.  Once you submit the form you should receive a call from the main office within 24 to 48hrs to confirm your registration and get you booked into a lodging option or you can try calling 541-592-2208 between 9am and 5pm PST, daily.


To all Treehouse Dreamers,


 This year’s 2019 World Treehouse Conference promises to offer an array of presenters and enthusiasts who—collectively—advance a thorough look at what it means to climb up into the trees and design and build insightful and friendly structures aloft. Peter Nelson, Michael Garnier, Jake Jacob and Scott baker have all promised to present. 


 Look out for seasoned tree structure spirits: builders, designers, engineers, arborists and impresarios as well as folks who come from a variety of complimentary fields offering insights that will inspire and generate thoughtful ideas… all about going aloft to perch in nature’s rousing vertical architecture.


 Well versed regulars… taking all and anyone interested to the dynamic dance.   


 And, of course, many new faces.


 Essential points and aspects of…


  • trees from both a biological and a mechanical perspective vis-à-vis their architecture and tree structure appropriateness…  
  • tree climbing and aerial safety…
  • rigging in trees…
  • treehouse design techniques of the 21ˢᵗ century… photogrametry, 3D, radical canopy designs, etcetera…
  • treehouse engineering…
  • braketree, the evolution and advancement of…
  • magnificent photographic views of some of the world’s most engaging trees…
  • philosophy… why we do this, why this is a good thing to do…


     October 4ᵗʰ through 6ᵗʰ 2019 in Takilma, OR


 Jake Jacob
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 iPhone… 206/799-7678


old one for reference;

Hello One ‘n’ All coming to Out ‘n’ About Treesort for the 22nd annual World Treehouse Conference.

The basics… we always cover the basics… and the basics are…

Everything that you need to know about trees as an organism… well maybe not everything (not in one weekend), but a decent arboreal introduction to a lot of pertinent things you need to know about trees if you truly wish to climb up into them and build structures aloft.

Design approaches and techniques… the world is digital now… many of us still sketch a design on paper and then go to work… but we’re in the 21ˢᵗ century now and techniques such as photogrametry, which utilize pretty affordable gear can help us get the tree or trees volumetrically (3D) into a computer… SketchUp and even paper come into play… and off you go.

Engineering vitals… the mechanical aspects of trees… all kinds of opportunities to see and experience the kinds of hardware that have evolved in the past 20 years that carry the load, yet work in concert with how trees repair themselves and remain vital (if you do it right)…

Here is a lineup of confirmed presenters for this year’s conference. More information will be posted as it comes available.


  • Margaret (Meg) Lowman, Ph. D. “Director of Global Initiatives, Lindsay Chair of Botany and Senior Scientist in Plant Conservation California Academy of Sciences.”  Meg will be our Keynote Speaker this year and we are thrilled to have her!!  “Nicknamed the “real-life Lorax” by National Geographic and “Einstein of the treetops” by Wall Street Journal, Meg Lowman pioneered the science of canopy ecology. For over 30 years, she has designed hot-air balloons and walkways for treetop exploration to solve mysteries in the world’s forests, especially insect pests and ecosystem health.  Meg is affectionately called the mother of canopy research as one of the first scientist to explore this eighth continent.  She relentlessly works to map the canopy of biodiversity and to champion forest conservation around the world, gaining her start in the rain forests of Australia.  Her international network and passion for science have led her into leadership roles where she seeks best practices to solve environmental challenges and serves as a role model to women and minorities in science.”

  • Meg Lowman - Despite our best intentions, we are losing global forests at a rapid rate. But we know that trees keep us alive with all their important biological services, and that they are home to over 50% of Earth's biodiversity. The exploration of forest canopies is relatively new, pioneered in the 1980s with the development of ropes, harnesses and slingshots. With the addition of canopy walkways and inflatables to their toolkit, arbornauts can now access treetops around the world to study this eighth continent of the world. In this talk, I will share some stories about canopy exploration, the toolkit to reach the treetops, and most important, how canopy access is inspiring the conservation of forests. There is no time to lose!

  • Michael Garnier(MG) – creator, owner and operator of Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort will be here for the entirety of the conference. He will be doing a presentation on his unique approach to Bracketree. For the pre-conference day there is talk of a half day ‘field trip’ to his new property to view the progress of the building project currently taking place and a possible on-site evaluation to help select the next tree to be built in.

  • Pete Nelson - will “do his thing”…for a number of years Pete has encouraged the folks in his round table to grab pencil and paper and follow him “To the Trees”. Pete, a magician with pencil paper and vision, will share his perspective of how to work in architectural harmony with the trees. And, incredibly, he will do this with his left hand!!

  • Jake Jacob – of TreehouseArtz – Jake, longtime friend and cohort of MG (also an instrumental organizer and contributor to the conference) will be here to show off his expertise in rigging and a knot tying demonstration, as he like to point out, he knows knotting.

  • Scott Baker – Principal and founder of Tree Solutions Inc. will also be in attendance. He has worked with MG for years evaluating his builds and the health of the trees at the Treesort. Scott will be presenting at the conference sharing his extensive knowledge in tree biology, building codes, treehouses, ziplines, and knowing Scott much, much more!

  • Michael Shulters  – John Shulters from Ascension Studios and Mike Shulters from Treehouse Nation return to the WTC to showcase the latest developments with their digital site survey and digital design process. John will demonstrate the hardware, software, tools, and methods used to gather the most accurate data available when documenting an outdoor environment, then Mike will show you how to leverage that data in 3D CAD software to create compelling and immersive designs to wow your clients and your counties! and

  • Michael Murphy aka Barefoot Murph – Michael Murphy aka, Barefoot Murph – of Barefoot Treehouses will give a talk titled ‘The Importance of Space & Design: Introducing Your Client to Their Eminent Environment.’ Murph will share reflections about the importance of space and environment: building homes with a relationship to the natural world that heals and changes those who dwell and visit.

  • Dave Stice and Graham Dawson - from WesSpur Tree Equipment will be there as an exhibition ‘gear-for-sale’ booth, and Dave will be doing a presentation on the basics of aerial rescue & rigging for safety for treehouse builders.

  • Dave Stice, Jason Lindsey, Luke Schorer and Out’n’About’s very own Frank Graves - will present on the basics & rigging, climbing and also touch on aerial rescue points and good input on safety aloft for treehouse builders. A significant lift of a vital new component for the Peacock Perch treehouse will be a focal point of the weekend. Gather ‘round, tie a knot, climb a rope… but wear your helmet!!

  • Charley Greenwood - World’s leading treehouse engineer offers Formulae and Fallacies. After a long career engineering all kinds of treehouses and lots of other crazy stuff, Charley will offer some useful tidbits that may help others create successful outcomes."The most important thing you need in life is a bulletproof indefatigable crap detector»…
  • The Canopy Crew: - The entire crew will be doing a group presentation on recycling a whole tree to benefit your treehouse!      Django will present on tree removal, reasons, techniques, and milling for use in the treehouse. 
    Pat will present on using the milled wood for built in furniture inside the treehouse. 
    Isabella will present on using the different tree parts to dye fabrics to use in upholstery for the treehouse interior. 
    Tabor will present on using the wood chips and fungus from the brush to make ideal soils to spread around the base of your treehouse trees. 

  • Daryl McDonald & Scott Atkins of Nelson Treehouse & Supply will do a talk that embraces the maze of permit getting, which includes reflections on the lab testing of hardware that yielded the specs. that allowed the permits to be got. They also will cover the nuances of multiple state contracting requirements. This may sound dry… don’t be fooled, this is extremely amusing stuff.

  • Tall Chris’tree’pher Richter and his very short son, Sylvester have traveled all the way from Germany, to integrate cooperative ambient relationships and associations between all treehouse builders… this talk is a must for all good ambassadors of the canopy.

  • David Geisen –  presents ‘From Design to Build’… this talk is very complimentary to any aspects of basic and pure design considerations (read: what the Shulters and Pete Nelson bring to the fore)… once designed, the structure in the tree has gotta get built. David and his company, Wild Tree Woodworks, is pretty good at this exercise. His presentation will be a sort of open discussion about good techniques and observations of getting a structure built aloft.

  • Dustin Feiderwill talk about the works of his company, O2 Treehouse, and delve into phase two (i.e, a continuation on last year’s presentation) about the progress of the Canopy Home, a space frame based elevated platform system which seeks to persuade that treehouses are not just luxury objects, but can also be primary dwellings for inspired sustainable living.

  • Bemya b'ARBORoja - a true spirited arboreal minstrel… Bemya would like to present on what it’s like to live in a treehouse, treating trees as people; and, if he can get it done in time, he’d like to share a short video of musical trees and mushrooms… “how to be friends with trees”, be married to a tree and some perspective on the environmental responsibility arboreal carpenters must exercise…

  • Chris’tree’pher Richter - German Baumhaus builder, would like to moderate a round table forum called the “International Treehouse Builders Knowledge Exchange Workshop“. This is all about talking the techniques, skills and special tricks of the treehouse trade from all over the place divided in categories (all with German efficiency)…

    •  foundation/installation in the trees…

    •  platform building…

    •  wall building…

    •  prefabricating…

    •  roofing…

    •  insulation…

    •  interior trim…

    •  ladders, stairs, spiral staircases…

    •  etcetera, etcetera…

    So basically a condensed workshop, but by pros for pros, where everyone learns from everyone else. The participants could prepare the topics they’re willing to swap and everybody could take home some new techniques and ideas.

  • John Shulters and Michael ShultersFOR THURSDAY TAG-TEAM PRE-CON:  :  John Shulters from Ascension Studios and Mike Shulters from Treehouse Nation return to the WTC to showcase the latest developments with their digital site survey and digital design process. John will demonstrate the hardware, software, tools, and methods used to gather the most accurate data available when documenting an outdoor environment, then Mike will show you how to leverage that data in 3D CAD software to create compelling and immersive designs to wow your clients and your counties! 

    During this course, attendees will learn the following techniques and skills:  How to use your own digital camera equipment and basic site marking to gather data suitable for use with affordable photogrammetry software to create a true-to-scale 3D digital model of a tree and its surroundings.
    How to use digital design software to create a treehouse plan based around a highly accurate site survey and bring that data into VR for design review and immersive client presentations.

    John Shulters from Ascension Studios returns for a quick look into the survey and design collaboration methods they use with treehouse designers from around the world. There will be a practical demonstration of photogrammetry techniques to create a 3D digital scan of a tree, followed by a quick demonstration of the photogrammetry software used to produce accurate survey data ready for your designs. Additionally, you'll get a glimpse into some professional visualization techniques including 3D renderings and immersive VR experiences. Attendees will witness the most cutting edge technology applied to treehouse design providing more accurate, paperless, and highly compelling design experiences to help both designers and clients.



If you're interested in treehouse accomodation, please book your space at the Treesort now, start your travel plans early at:

Or call: 541-592-2208
email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There will be treehouse and ride sharing from the Medford, OR airport for anyone interested.

Please feel free to write me back if you have an interest in being a presenter or have further thoughts, questions or observations.

Swing on in... fair winds, good climbing... see you aloft~
and most importantly, welcome to the bark side. .  .


By 21st Century standards, this is a real deal:

    (1.) The basic (core) conference fee; $400.00

    (2.) There will be a meal package of $200, or the Saturday banquet only; $60.

    The meal package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday (Saturday night is a banquet of some consequence) with Sunday brunch. All meals will have meat and vegetarian dishes. If special dietary needs are important to you please inform the Treesort staff when you book your lodgings.

    (3.) Lodging fees depend on accommodations.  Camping is often a very popular option and runs at $20 per person, per night. (i.e. two people in one tent is $40/night for the occupants of the tent). Campers will have full access to breakfast, full bathrooms and outdoor cooking facilities (i.e. BBQ's, propane burners and very limited cooking utensils) but are required to clean up after themselves.

    In addition to the above another feature is that there will be a menu of pre-conference all day Thursday Oct. 4 workshops to consider, albeit for a separate fee.
All pre-confs will be a $125 charge, plus a lunch option fee TBA.

 Post conference workshops are possible, not yet determined.


Jake Jacob Treehouse ARTZ
email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Music & Events

Find us on Facebook or stay tuned to our other events year round through our newsletter.

-Rates below subject to change-
Entrance fee: $15 per person
age 14 yrs or older
5 to 13 yrs age $10.00, 4 yrs age or younger FREE
Additional Camping fee: $15.00 per person age 5 yrs to 13, 14 yrs and older $20 each person. (NOT per tent, bring your own gear)
RV's; 'Small': additional to entrance fees $15 per rig, 'Large': $20 per rig -- with do respect All RV's are subject to inspection for animals and extra people.
! Please leave ALL pets at home !

~Gate opens 12:00 noon, strictly NO early admittance.
~Softball game 1:00 pm
~Music starts 3:00 pm

Special Light Show at Dusk!
Children must be directly supervised by adults at all times.

Listen in if you can not be here, we may have clearance from all the music groups for live stream broadcasting brought to you by our good friends & neighbors at and LostForestRecordings!

Food and Refreshment available!
Vendors fee: $100 minimum, $10 person
Vendor space available price based on booth size and number of people working it. Please fill out an application and return it to us A.S.A.P by emailing;
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . ~You may download it by clicking HERE.

Please also "pitch in", look for refuse cans to dispose of cans, bottles and trash you can not "pack out", we Thank You for coming and hope you enjoy the Festreevities~

Print a map to our physical site from this link
Some Treehouses may be available, click here!

No objectionable drunkenness, No alcohol sales, No under age drinking allowed!!

Fantasy Flakes productions presented:
Magic Night in 2011!
Fri. Aug. 12th, 6:30pm
Free Pile sirKus & The Greymatter Jugglers
plus Dr. Birch MDGQ, Belly and Fire Dancing,
Live Music by Terry Davis & Friends Band for dancing after!
Guaranteed good time for only:
$5 adults $2.50 kids at the Gate

Live broadcasts from
Live broadcasts from
Jefferson State Hemo Expo
Hope Mtn. Barter Fair

Let us know if you have an event that you would
like to share links with us here...

Where's Waldo?
magic night poster in the stolen plaque off the historical monument at old townsite~
Help restore the plaque benefit was great!
featuring: Magic of Seth!
Dr. Birch's Medicine Show
& Dell'Arte

Proceeds went to replace and secure Waldo's historic plaque that was stolen. The old plaque told about the town being the original county seat with thousands of people until the area ran out of gold. They eventually destroyed the last of the town to get the remaining gold underneath it. The plaque was stolen a couple of times and has not been replaced for many years since the last one. Proceeds went to the Illinois Valley Historical Society.

"Come one come all
surely you can hear the call
of days long ago
and the medicine show
Come see what you can find
exchanging each and other's mind..."


here is the link to Seth's page:

Blast from the past videos, ye ol' Doc Rocky Birch's travelin' medicine show!:
Green Gold Show
Pot Parody
Pot Parody2
(Thanks to Terry Davis!)

It was an AWEsome more than usual
20th Anniversatree of our Treehouse,
16th Annual InTreepenDance Day Celebration
July 4th 2010!
THANKS everyone!!!
hope all have a great year & we will see you next time...

3-5pm slot was: Dave & Friends
Our local Takilma Jam Band takes up the slack & delivers solid rock your socks off sounds!... not to be confused with~ for sure 5pm slot: Takilma

TAKILMA’s special blend of West Coast Groovy Jam Band Vibe combined with gritty true working class American Blues Rock has long set the band apart from its music scene contemporaries. No matter if you have seen the band when it exploded on the California Music Scene in the late 90’s to the current modern day 2010 incarnation of the band, TAKILMA HAS ALWAYS DELIVERD A 110% ELECTRIFIED ROCK N’ ROLL SHOW leaving no note unturned but every drop of sweat on the stage.

if the embedded vid doesn't play, try here: youtube link
old histree is gone!

'Histree' came down!

Our biggest old oak has died, one of the biggest in
the state, sadly must come down after such a long
& storied histree. Marked as a bearing tree in 1865,
so in honor of our historic 20th anniversatree, why
not do it with our friends? Even done with expert
safety like we do everything, it was quite
impressive... there is video around here someplace, hhmmmnnn.


    3rd week in August is Dance Night!
      stay tuned for details in 2014...


Usual Phun (crazy FUN) Activitrees

»Disc Golf Course
» Horse back riding (please call ahead)
» Horseshoes
» Volleyball
» Swimming available most days. Children at the pool must be under their own adults supervision at all times.


Treehouse Institute of Arts & Culture

Your Life Out on a Limb!

The Treehouse Institute, established over the summer of 1996, is the only place in the world that offers avocational instruction in basic engineering, design and construction methods for building treehouses. There are also plenty of other things to learn and have fun with here. We are like a summer camp for whole family. There are many educational, and adventurous, vacation sites in Southern Oregon, but only one where you can, lit-treely, "go out on a limb"... and have so much fun to learn something while you're there. Summer thematic school sessions, in majors and alltreenut majors, run from two to four days.

The courses are tailored to include everyone in family enjoyment. Our experienced certified staff give zip line extravaganzas, guided horse back riding, treehouse construction, easily arranged. The Arts& Crafts courses are taught by local artists on site here at the lodge. The one that requires the shortest amount of time to arrange is the very popular tile mosaic class. We also have a performance stage that can be used by kids quite often just for playing, but not so much as the organized classes.

Out'n'About is a Veritable Treehouse Wonderland!

We want you to please understand that although we do everything in our power to insure safety, there is an inherent risk associated with visiting a total of 18 different treehouses and a host of platforms (a few almost 40+ feet up the tree), a few child size forts, seven swinging bridges (8' to 32' off the ground and 12' to 90' long), five swings plus the Giant Tarzan, 20 flights of stairs, four ladders, a bunch of horses and a gaggle of chickens, swimming pool uneven ground and an unbeatable collection of zipline courses with over a mile of TreehouseZiplines.


Treehouse Institute of Takilma

The internationally famous Out 'n' About Treesort has branched out once again, and has added the Treehouse Institute of Takilma, a high school that hangs from the branches in an oak grove in Takilma, Oregon. The picturesque little valley is nestled in the south west corner of the state among the Siskiyou Mountains, outside of Cave Junction and just below the wilderness headwaters of the East Fork Illinois River. The Treesort and Institute features Treehouse accommodations for kids of all ages.

If you come to learn, relax, romance
or just have fun there is plenty for all.

To help you understand this risk and remind you to use common sense, Out’n’About and their Insurance Company
require you to sign a release and assumption of risk agreement to stay here or do any of Our Activitrees.