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Out'n'About Treehouse Institute of Takilma Courses

At the Treehouse Institute of Takilma, we offer several courses for our Treemusketeers. Like most institutions of higher learning, we offer both core and elective (extree) classes. Unlike most institutions, our elective classes are geared totally to the individuals' desires.

We do not dictate curriculum, we allow each student the opportunity to help create curriculum. We do, however, expect each Treemusketeer student to either have an un-abiding interest in treehouses and treeminology or pursue one of our alltreenut majors.

Our focus is upon song, dance & laughter, primarily laughter!
A happy student is a joy to teach. We enjoy teaching.
We expect students to enjoy the learning process.


A treemendously elementree course that gives students completree new grasp on branched out etreemology.

Treeology I»
Basic engineering, design and construction methods. Ask Michael Questions.

Treeology II»
Manipulating matter en facto and friction (i.e. "Juggling with No Hands"). Learning to build a proper tree house is easily compared to what it takes to get them approved by the government, learn some of the tricks.

Treehouse Construction 301»
Additional, more advanced, classes available for additional fees. Must have studied Construction Page and looked at how all the treehouses here have been built before applying.

Treehouse Workshop»
Every October on Columbus Day weekend Out'n'About plays host to the World Treehouse Association's annual Convention. The weekend is dedicated to workshops on the latest techniques in treehouse construction.

Ethereally Serialling»
Learn to see with your eyes closed. Assume some Fantasy Flakes after breakfast. You must see 'em to believe 'em!

At the Treehouse Institute of Takilma each Treemusketeer student will be expected to complete at least one of our Tree Core Specialtree courses or an alltreenut major class per day, as available. Formal core classes begin after breakfast with a generous portion of Fantasy Flakes, but nothing is required if you want to jest flake & hang out.



Specialtree Activitree Classes»

Horseback & Pony Rides


Zips Course

Tree Climbing

Special Note: These classes are fun but can be serious, and do require a fair amount of risk taking. You must pay attention to the instructors and do what they say at all times please! We endeavor to look out for your best interests of course, but ask you to sign a release for any of our inherently risky activitrees.




Forest Ecology» Siskiyou Forest Ecosystems Explore the wild and scenic Siskiyou Mountains and meet some of our internationally acclaimed beauty through local experts.

Arts & Crafts: Click here to view full activitrees.

$ Tile Mosaic Making» The Mysterious Miguelo specializes in mosaic design and loves to teach it, two person minimum, $25.00 per person a class.

$ Tie Dying» Brighten both your day and your wardrobe... tie dye your treeshirt, or just about anything else that will take dye, or seperately try your hand at felting with the same instructor. $25 per two person minimum class.

Note: Other Artists occasionally have guest artisans share hands on experience with their field of expertise, please check with us for what's going on when you will be in our neck of the woods. Due to availability of our artisans that lead the classes, not each and every extree class is available each and every day through our season. Please list the classes in which you have the most interest from the list that follows and we'll do our best to have a session open while you're visiting. Results are always best when you talk to us!


$ Massage Theraptree» Let our licensed treessage therapist soothe your aching muscles at the end of a busy day using Swedish massage techniques and treeflexology:
$65 for 60 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $90 for 90 minutes, prices subject to change with available masseuse.

$ Tree climbing» Learn alltreenut techniques for entering and leaving treehouses and trees, subject to availability of instructor, prices vary.

* Hiking» We have hundreds of miles of mountain trails all around us. Or strike out on your own with one of our maps.

* Stairarobics» Use our plethora of stairs for extra cardio workouts!

Make sure to check out our Activitrees for all physical activities.


* Water hydraulics» Learn why water "goes down hill" and how to make it do so.

* Secrets of s'mores» Learn how to make the "perfect" s'more... whether you prefer it golden brown or crispy crittered.

* Intro to gardening» (a.k.a. weeding): Learn to identify common garden weeds and eradicate them efficiently.

* Manure 101 (identification)» Learn to tell the different scat from many sources available all around us.

* Manure 202 (collection)» Learn the proper technique for lifting, transporting and dumping this valuable commodity.

* Manure 303 (spreading)» Practice our fun way of distributing nature's recycled bounty.

* Manure 404 (composting)» Advanced students may be shown how to combine various forms or organic matter in order to produce the richest soil possible.


Map reading» Learn to find your way into... and out of the woods. Or better yet, home.

* Campfire safety» How to build a story telling venue without burning down the Treesort... or the forest.*

* Indicates classes offered at no charge.
$= Most Extree classes, especially crafts, involve a small fee for the instructor and materials as indicated by the $ (dollar sign), so cost of materials not included.


Everyone is invited to participate in our activitrees even if not staying overnight
or more at our place, but PLEASE call ahead so we can better serve your needs!