TreeHouse Ziplines

Tarzan Swing Description

Tarzan Swing detailed description:
~After you get suited into the proper gear, our guides will hook, double hook, and triple hook you onto a large rope. You will be given two handles which will pull you backwards and up 50 ft to a nearby tree. Once our guides give the command, you will let go of the handles and hurdle towards the ground at approx 40 mph. You will be experiencing about 3 G's of force by the time you hit the end of your rope. You will then swing out off of the hillside taking you about 65 ft off of the ground. Once you come to a stop at end you will have the chance to swing a second time.

Tree Ascent

Tree Ascent detailed description:
~After getting geared up, you will take a short walk across the meadow to our Test line. Once at the Test line, our guides will explain the few rules for ziplining and instruct everyone individually on proper techniques for steering, braking, and dismounting from the cable. They will then send you down the 101 linear foot cable, where you will dismount on the ground (PTG). After you receive the guide's instructions, you will ascend 62 feet, using a Double Rope Technique (DRT) ascender. You will climb up to the Logan's Way platform and cable. From here, you will zip the 660 linear feet and land on a platform (PTP). The guides will then instruct you on how to rappel yourself off of the platform, taking you down 55 feet. This ends your tree climb and zipline activity.


Tree Climbing


Advanced Course» If you have taken the basic course and/or demonstrated your knowledge of ropes, we can take you out to some really tall trees!!!

Basic Course» Has changes from time to time and goes on all year weather permitting.

Sugar Pine Climb» If you have taken the basic course and demonstrated your knowledge of ropes, we can take you out to some really tall trees: $45 per person per hour, 2 hour and 2 person minimum

Giant Tarzan Swing & Ziplines Courses» Now you can try over a mile of cable zip lines over the meadow & canopy, we're adding more all the time. Starts at the uphill side of the Big Meadow, 45' up off the ground, on an easily climbed old fir tree, and has a 60' drop across the long cable and down to the bottom of the meadow. Basic course starts at $45 per person, extree fees apply for advance courses and treepeet zips and/or swings! (check the link above for more details).


Special Notes! These classes are always fun, but some are serious, and do require a fair amount of risk taking. Safety is ALWAYS first, for both your benefit and ours, so for the maximum fun for everyone involved, you must pay attention to the instructors and do what they say at all times.

You will be asked to prove ability and/or sign a release
to participate in some of our activitrees.


New Tribe
Mike Oxman
Scott Baker (sorry, no link!)

Our tree climbing seminars now only happen when we host the treehouse workshops and conferences, see construction.


Please always call ahead for current details and availability.




Hello and Welcome to Out'n'About Outfitters!

Where you can actually go out on a limb, down a rapid, or trek the back country of the unique Siskiyou and other local National Forests in Southwest Oregon and Northwest California.

We offer Safe Fun, stimulating guided Horseback Rides, Tree Climbs, Ziplines & a truly Giant Swing, Hikes, and customized adventure packages to suit you!

We ask that you book all activities well in advance to assure it will be available on the days of your reservation. All activities are open to our public as well as Treesort guests, in other words you don't have to stay with us to participate in our Activitrees. Give us a call....


At Out'n'About Outfitters our goal is always to educate young and old alike on how to Experience the great outdoors Enjoyably and Responsibly. (that is, have some REAL fun!)

You are welcome to please call us anytime at (541) 592-2208
Please keep in mind any time zone difference from you, if no one can pick up the call, please leave a message, we will call you back!


Out'n'About Outfitters is proud to be an equal opportunity service provider
using public lands for so many of it's activitrees.


Arts & Crafts
Arts& Crafts
Zip time!

Horseback Rides

Horse Back Rides at Out'n'About

family horse ride
Family ride in meadow,
click it!


» The fee is $60.00 per hour per person; with a 2 person per ride minimum.


» Pony Rides:  $15.00 per ride for those minimum age 3 and up, these rides are only offered after all scheduled rides are completed.

» Reservations: Advance reservations are required and are secured over the phone with a Credit Card Guaranty. (Visa and MasterCard accepted)

» Cancellations: We require a 24 hour advance notice of cancelation to avoid “Full Fare” assessment of your reserved ride. 'No shows' (failure to show up) and late cancelations (less than 24 hour notice) will be assessed the full fare of the reserved rate.

» Check In Times: Meet at our stables at least 20 minutes before your scheduled ride departure time, 30 minutes is recommended.

» Attire: We recommend long pants, (warning! poison oak grows everywhere in our region) we work hard to remove all the poison oak as possible that you could be exposed to, but to insure prevention please dress appropriately. No open toe shoes: Completely covered shoes are a must, such as tennis shoes or hiking boots or any closed shoe with a heel. Safety helmets are required for ages 18 and under. Helmets are available for all others upon request.

» Age and Physical Condition: Riders must be minimum 6 years of age or older and in good physical condition. We reserve the right to refuse anyone whom we determine cannot safely complete the ride. Children under age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult.

» Weight Limits: Maximum weight is 200 to 220 lbs., acceptable physical condition of rider is a consideration determined by the individual guides.

» Tack: We provide western saddles only.

» Experience Level: Each ride is based on the abilities of the least able person in the group. Advanced rides are available upon request with a prior reservation, participants must pass a level three arena test before the ride.

» Weather: Our area of the Pacific Northwest has many diverse weather conditions! We will provide rides with mild showers, however, in the event of too inclement weather at the time of your ride, it may be rescheduled.

*Important Note: Please Read our release of indemnity and Terms & Conditions. Horseback riding requires a certain amount of physical conditioning, please consider this when signing up for this activitree, we thank you to always call ahead!

Please call us at least 24 hrs. in advance:

Michael & friend on Mt. Elijah
Mike & friend on nearby Mt. Elijah,
above Oregon Caves National

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