TreeHouse Ziplines

Tree Ascent

Tree Ascent detailed description:
~After getting geared up, you will take a short walk across the meadow to our Test line. Once at the Test line, our guides will explain the few rules for ziplining and instruct everyone individually on proper techniques for steering, braking, and dismounting from the cable. They will then send you down the 101 linear foot cable, where you will dismount on the ground (PTG). After you receive the guide's instructions, you will ascend 62 feet, using a Double Rope Technique (DRT) ascender. You will climb up to the Logan's Way platform and cable. From here, you will zip the 660 linear feet and land on a platform (PTP). The guides will then instruct you on how to rappel yourself off of the platform, taking you down 55 feet. This ends your tree climb and zipline activity.