The Picture Propeller

Also known as Dr. Birch's Yankee Doodle PeeWee Paper. Picture Propeller, gone SOLID!

What is a Picture Propeller?

It is the best way to see Fantasy Flakes!

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picture propeller ilustration

SEE What Fantasy Flakes Look Like
With A Picture Propeller!

Which is an Organic Psychedelic Kaleidoscope!
It is A picture propeller, A thing-a-ma-jig,
A what-cha-ma call-it, A whirley-gig, a Medicine Wheel, a Fantasy Flake Flicker-er.

Picture PropellerIt is the most...

  • Amazing,
  • Amusing,
  • Confusing,
  • Transcending,
  • Mind Bending,
  • Unending...

little gadget you'll ever see, with your eyes closed that is...


Handlebar configuration and Original Airplane Picture Propeller by Michael Garnier

Introducing The Photic Driven Psychoactive Retroactive
Cycle-active Resistance Trainer Picture Propeller!

  Painted Pewee Picture Propeller!  areoplane picture propeller original 1  aeroplane picture propeller original

Picture Propeller with ruler for scale...
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Watch it in action
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Observe an explanation from creator Michael Garnier
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Based on well documented photic driven effects, a natural strobe lite in essence.
This natural sun strobe lite device causes a photo delay and rapid eye movement effect.

How To Use One »

1. Simply hold the device up between your eyes and the sun,

2. Spin the end of the stick using your fingers while holding it between you and the STRONGest lite source (our local star the sun, a stage spotlight may do) over your closed eyes (never stare at the sun eyes open,

3. Do this so it casts flickering shadows of the spinning propeller blades through your eyelids onto the retinas in the back of your eyeballs sending visual signals to your brain. Shwew!... It is much easier to do than explain.

TIP: Vary the speed and angle of the spinning propeller between you and the sun for incredible internal rides from kaleidoscopic visions. Once you have your own Picture Propeller it doesn't cost a nickel, doesn't cost a dime, only takes a little time to produce the best psychedelic journeys available in the human experience without ingesting any substance what so ever, guaranteed.

Since the 1930s it has been known that repetitive light stimulation (strobing) causes brain waves to follow and pulse at the same frequency. Today's modern mind machines have lights in glasses that pulse at predetermined frequencies, generally from 1 to 40 cycles per second (Hz) to produce varied states of consciousness. You also close your eyes to get a strobe effect that can create colors and patterns in your mind. Ours relies on the ancient techniques of sun or powerful external light source with your hand spinning the propeller blade to vary the cycles.

So WOW, the end result of what happens in your brain simply because of
the spinning shadow over your eye is awesome and must be seen with your eyes closed to be believed!

Medical Warning: Not recommended for epileptics. Beware Photosensitive Epilepsy even if you are not!
Surge On Generals Warning: Psychedelic flashbacks have been reported!

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