Garnier Limb® (GL) 
The hole in the tree is first Precision drilled with a special bit. Now we start turning it in with a small pipe wrench,  Taking care to align the GLimb Level with the drilled hole.  Once you have the limb threaded in part way switch to a larger wrench to gain leverage, as the bolt has to be tightened up to 400 ft. lbs. in Douglas Fir. "No more".  This will give the GLimb a  4,000 lb. load Rating.
Dax installing GL
Garnier Limb® installation
GL/Universal TreeHouse Limb  
Trees are seldom strait up and down. Make sure you put your pilot hole in level. You will then have a level surface to place your beam on. Metal fabricated brackets can be made to do the same thing. Using a level you put the metal on the tree where you want it, mark your angles on the metal and then weld it. This can get tricky when it's leaning in two direction. The GLs may cost more than what a metal bracket does but it saves time, is more accurate, flexible,stronger and lasting.
GL application
Garnier Limb® installation
Floating Garnier Limb® Application    Here in the picture to the right, the GL is used in a floating bracket application. The tree is allowed to move independently of the treehouse.  A piece of  metal rectangular tubing is bolted on to the beam to reduce wear and prevent liftoff.  A nut and washer can be added to the threaded GL to alleviate walk off.
GL floating  
Floating Bracket
Garnier Limb®, Single Tree Here a piece of thick walled 2" dia. schedule 80 pipe is threaded on to the Garnier Limb®. A cable is attached to the outer end of the pipe & affixed to another standard GL farther up the tree. The cables all tie into at least two Garmier Limbs® higher up in the tree. 
GL with extension
GLimb w/extensions
T- Bracket This T- Bracket is made of 4" channel iron. It can either be bolted directly to the tree using at least two 5/8' to 3/4" lag bolts, or like in the picture with two Garnier Limb®s. Using the GL's allows for greater strength and longevity. The T-Bracket is used when you have less than four points of attachment. 
T bracket
Sliding Bracket One of the precursors to GL, was this sliding bracket shown on the right. Here the beams are placed on top of the metal angle iron bracket and attached loosely with a 3/4" lag bolt going through an oversized hole in the bracket.
Sliding Bracket
Sliding Bracket

You can call Michael on the phone to order any of these parts or talk about custom applications: 541-592-2208

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