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North Fork Illinois River

We offer Safe Fun, stimulating guided Horseback Rides, Tree Climbs, Ziplines & a truly Giant Swing, Rafting Trips, Hikes, and customized adventure packages to suit you!

We ask that you book all activities well in advance to assure it will be available on the days of your reservation. All activities are open to our public as well as Treesort guests, in other words you don't have to stay with us to participate in our Activitrees. Please give us a call before you head out....

At Out'n'About Outfitters our goal is always to educate young and old alike on how to Experience the great outdoors Enjoyably and Responsibly.
(that is have some REAL fun!)

rowdy rafters!
riders on Mt. Elijah
tree rappel
Devils Punchbowl

Come try our incredible Zip Lines! <click here>
You are welcome to please call us at (541) 592-2208 for more info,
or e-mail us by clicking
: Outfitters at

Out'n'About Outfitters is proud to be an equal opportunity service provider using public lands for so many of it's activities.

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Raven Flight Photos

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