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What are Fantasy Flakes?
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What do they have to do with Picture Propellers?
Picture Propellers are the best way to see Fantasy Flakes, and are the very best way to get your recommended intake of adult daily assumption requirements.
Fantasy Flakes are served daily at the whirled renowned Treehouse Treesort!
fantasy breakfast!
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Announcing NEW Plastic Peewee Picture Propeller released Spring 2011, available NOW!

Soon to be found in fine gift shops across the land, check back here for list of distributors.
Imagination is all it takes with a Box of Fantasy Flakes!
Feeding minds that look both in and outside the box since 1986.
If you can find all 24 additional flakes below you could win...
(Hover your pointer around the illustrations below to find hidden clicks,
by the way this is only a representation of box minus the top & bottom, not true to size!)
contents never settled? genius breakfast down the whole! serially serious... it is serial w/ an S! hazardous to your reality! win win win! surge on general sez... not the last! box topper 2! box topper?
box side bfront boxbox backbox side

What you actually get inside the real physical box acquired for only $5.00 from includes as always, Dr. Birch's Original Yankee Doodle Magic Mini Paper Peewee Picture Propeller among the other tasty morsels of tid bits to feed your mind over body altering experience!
Add $5.00 for shipping & handling or get one free with purchase over $50.
Order by credit card!
Sammy Suspenders sez!

For $20.00 you can get a Fantasy Flakes quality silk screen T-shirt inside the box too!
box contents!
(sorry no pics of shirt yet)
$25 including shipping for Fantasy Flakes T-shirt in Fantasy Flake Box-
Look HERE to see more options or call the Treesort office today to get yours on it's way:

Ask about wholesale and distribution package deals to be had!

enjoy a Fantasy Flake! accept no substitute! the Dr. is in! an additional flake! a fantasy of flakes! another chance to win! Sammy sez... bottom of box? a coupon for coupons! spacially marked box...

Always served daily, never weakly!
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